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NEDS not backward at the box office

NEDS, Peter Mullan’s third feature, took a very respectable £283,210 at the UK box office last weekend, not far behind Roger Michell’s (Paramount) studio comedy Morning Glory which took just over half a million in its UK debut.  The top openers were Ron Howard’s The Dilemma at just over a million and Darren Aronfsky’s Black Swan which raked in £2.7m.

Compared to other Scottish features of recent years, Neds has not only been very well-reviewed but press coverage leading up to last weekend’s opening has been much wider than we normally see.  If its word of mouth can repeat The King’s Speech trick of increasing its audience in its second weekend (quite possible) then its chances of staying on existing screens and or opening on more screens elsewhere are very good and it could be on a roll.

To put it in perspective Neds has already taken more in its first weekend than most Scottish films of the past decade took in their entire theatrical release, so the prospects for the film are a lot better than those whose lives it portrays.

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