New Year Quiz

So, a  rather eventfull year for film it turned out to be.  What with the establishment of Creative Scotland, the disestablishment of the UK Film Council, the re-emergence of the BFI as a force to be reckoned with, Filmhouse and the Edinburgh International Film Festival rebranded as the Centre for the Moving Image under new management and not a few high-profile departures.  Not a great year though for those whose livelihoods depend both on indigenous movies and incoming productions.  Hopes are increasingly pinned on the prospect of increasing network TV drama and new initiatives from Creative Scotland to address the S-word (sustainability that is).  But it was ever thus as our seasonal quiz reveals, beginning with a quote from this day some years ago…

Who said (and when): 

1)  “…if our industry is only capable of providing less than half of one per cent of movies that television chooses to show at the most intensively viewed part of the year, then we are still going nowhere. There is probably more optimism in the Scottish film community now than there has been for a generation….Next year could be the year of the real revival – the long-term revival of the Scottish film industry. All it will take is the courage and vision to make it happen. Then we can get the world watching our plums and turkeys at Christmas, and reap the benefit of them every day of the year.”

2) “If more and more films are being produced in Scotland, then an important and further point is they are making les and less impact on the general public. [this] is not, however, a healthy development in terms of debate and action towards ‘a genuine Scottish cinema’ The [third] reason why debate has not got off the ground may be given as a matter of concern and that is the mutual suspicion with which…the …bodies claiming some kind of public responsibility for film in Scotland … on the other, those actually involved in film production in Scotland regard one another.”

3) ’Why cannot we have more and better films about this country and why cannot we make these films in Scotland for world audiences? If 150 years ago the romantic novel could project Scotland all over the word why cannot we do the same through the modern medium of the screen?’”

Answers here.

Happy New Year!


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