Cultural economy in Copenhagen (Part 1)

The 16th International Conference on Cultural Economics is taking place here in the fair city of Copenhagen and features a kaleidoscope of papers and presentations on everything from ‘Internet Music Piracy’ to ‘The relationship between public and private financing of culture in the EU‘.  On the way over I read ‘Bollywood in Hollywood‘ a fascinating account of how the Indian film industry has evolved in the context of the global movie market and a thought-provoking piece by a US graduate student on how US nonprofit arts institutions are facing up to the post-crash economy (engagingly titled  ‘Avoiding the Psychological Tsunami…’)

I’m particularly looking forward, if I manage to get to the session on cultural tourism in which it features, to finding out what ‘Awareness deficits among the non-users of conservation‘ might be.  Before lunch on Friday there’s an appetite-whetting presentation on ‘Democratization in the Gastronomic Market: From Michelin Stars to Michelin Bibs‘ and for afters the question ‘Are movies going to kill books? An omnivorous perspective‘.  Well as a former bookseller (seven years behind the counter) I think not – but I look forward to hearing the case for/against.

These and many more papers can be found at but be warned, some pages may be unsuitable for those with a sensitivity to statistics or formulae.  More dispatches to follow…

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